Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Fate of Our Videos

I just want to say that LaneTea and I are officially burnt out. We've been burnt out for awhile. The feeling momentarily left us during the iOMG hype, but soon went away the second we saw the promo for the new episode this season. The fact is this: we have family, friends, and jobs outside of iCarly. We actually missed one of our friend's birthday celebrations because of iOMG.

This is it now though. I don't want to take anymore time away from the people we care about, because I know this probably happened on more than one occasion. I'm tired of planning my life around iCarly. It's not fair to me and LaneTea and it's not fair to our friends and family. The truth is, thinking about doing videos for episodes like "iLost My Mind" had only been making me sick both emotionally and physically. This only got worse when people had been asking me why we hadn't done a video yet, even though I'd taken the time to explain why.

The fact is, I'm almost 26 years old I have a life outside of iCarly. This is not saying I'm too old for iCarly, but I feel I'm too old to be dedicating this kind of time to it. Time that can be better spent doing fun things with LaneTea (besides making videos) and other friends and family.

Honestly, we both have many things we'd love to say about the episode and how we really feel. However, there will be very few of you who would actually hear us out and take what we say into consideration. And just to make it clear, we aren't looking for people to follow us in our movement or even agree with us. We never wanted to ruin the show for someone who truly enjoyed it, and we still don't. The fact is, many of you have your own ideas of how all Seddiers should feel at the moment and tend to shun anyone or anything that takes the light off that shinning moment. Which is completely understandable. We're glad people are excited, LaneTea and I just aren't one of those people. We have our own ideas of how we'd like to see things, and always will. You can complain that we should like the show for what it is. Truth be told, we probably will enjoy the show more now that we don't have to do videos.

All this is not saying that we don't want anything to do with iCarly or the fandom. This is just stating that the videos are going to cease from here on out.

With all this said, we'd like to thank everyone who had supported us during this wild ride. It does mean a lot to us that so many people had enjoyed our videos. Thank You for the support, and as always ROCK ON MIGHTY SEDDIE WARRIORS!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


The plan to do this is simple... Tell your friends, tell anyone you know who's an iCarly fan to WATCH this episode! :-D There are many ways we can spread the word... YouTube, blogs, Twitter, etc.!!!

Let's remember to link: promos/blogs/videos and tweet/retweet!!! :-D Let's get this episode on top!!! REMEMBER APRIL 9TH!!! :-D

Let's get iCarly's iOMG TRENDING!!! See here!


Also check out the new tab for iOMG at ;-)

Extended Promo:

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Our Speculation Video

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

8 Reasons to Watch "iPity the Nevel"

8 Reasons to Watch "iPity the Nevel":
  1. Spencer randomly catching things on fire.
  2. Sam pushing Freddie out of his seat.
  3. The return of Nevel.
  4. "Moonlight Twi-Blood"
  5. The Bra Who Tells Ghost Stories
  6. Freddie turns on his inner Fredward Cullen.
  7. Nevel's "juice box"
  8. Spoiler Warning (highlight text): Werewolf Gibby
Most of these reasons are simply things that we felt have been missing from iCarly for quite awhile. LaneTea and I have a feeling the next episode will be even better than this. :D Here's hoping!

Thanks for Reading! :D Rock on Mighty Seddie Warriors!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Seddie Blog

The real reason we moved from WordPress to Blogger is simple... Site preference. ;-P

Here's hoping that I (SarcasticLeaves) will be more diligent when it comes to updating the Seddie Blog. If not I give LaneTea permission to throw a brick at my head. And just for the record:


There is so many things we'd love to take the time to explain in hopes that people might understand where we're coming from, but simply can't. Just to put it simple; we're still watching the show, we're still rooting for Seddie, we're looking forward to upcoming episodes, and we still plan on making new videos if the subject of Seddie emerges from Dan's archives. :-)

Current List of Season 4 iCarly Episodes:
-(#301) iGot a Hot Room [July 30, 2010]
-(#302) iDo [October 11, 2010]
-(#303) iSell Penny-tees [October 2, 2010]
-(#304) iGet Pranky [September 25, 2010]
-(#305) iSam's Mom (Guest Star Jane Lynch) [September 11, 2010]
-(#306) iPity The Nevel [March 19, 2011]
-(#307) iHire An Idiot [February 12, 2011]
-(#308 & #309) iStart A Fanwar (Guest Star Jack Black) [November 19, 2010]
-(#310) iOMG(?)
-(#311-313) iParty with Victorious (iCarly/Victorious Crossover)