Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Seddie Blog

The real reason we moved from WordPress to Blogger is simple... Site preference. ;-P

Here's hoping that I (SarcasticLeaves) will be more diligent when it comes to updating the Seddie Blog. If not I give LaneTea permission to throw a brick at my head. And just for the record:


There is so many things we'd love to take the time to explain in hopes that people might understand where we're coming from, but simply can't. Just to put it simple; we're still watching the show, we're still rooting for Seddie, we're looking forward to upcoming episodes, and we still plan on making new videos if the subject of Seddie emerges from Dan's archives. :-)

Current List of Season 4 iCarly Episodes:
-(#301) iGot a Hot Room [July 30, 2010]
-(#302) iDo [October 11, 2010]
-(#303) iSell Penny-tees [October 2, 2010]
-(#304) iGet Pranky [September 25, 2010]
-(#305) iSam's Mom (Guest Star Jane Lynch) [September 11, 2010]
-(#306) iPity The Nevel [March 19, 2011]
-(#307) iHire An Idiot [February 12, 2011]
-(#308 & #309) iStart A Fanwar (Guest Star Jack Black) [November 19, 2010]
-(#310) iOMG(?)
-(#311-313) iParty with Victorious (iCarly/Victorious Crossover)


  1. Whoa, awesome new blog, SL! Mind if I advertise it?

  2. Thank You :D If you want. I'd like to advertise your blog on here too, if you don't mind. I just started on it last night, so I only got two links so far. ^_^;

  3. Mady (aka 7chobbers7) here!
    Very nice blog that you've got going here. Hopefully it'll be put to good use after iOMG!

    I have another song in the works. I'm going to film it this afternoon and it should be uploaded sometime this week. When are you guys uploading your speculation so that I can upload on the same day and add to the seddie hype?